Claim Quick Guide

  • Our team will assist and guide you throughout the process and strives to ensure that you maintain the same position you were in prior to the loss in a timely manner.
  • The claims process involves third parties like bicycle stores, repairers and wholesalers.
  • Our team will keep you updated on the status of your claim, and you are welcome to inquire at any time.
  • Refer to the claims section of your PDS for a better understanding of how your policy will respond to your claim.
Turnaround Time
When assessing your claim, certain documentation is required in order to review your claim. The sooner we receive the requested information, the quicker we can progress your claim. Turnaround time ranges between 1-4 weeks depending on circumstances (i.e. repairs required, availability of replacement parts, etc.)
Supporting Documents
Standard information required in the event of a claim:
  • A completed claim form
  • Purchase receipt for your bicycle
Accidental damage claim requirements:
  • Clear photos of the whole bicycle in its condition after the accident
  • Photos of the damaged parts/sections of your bicycle
Theft claim requirements:
  • Bicycle lock proof of purchase (if applicable)
  • Clear photos of the theft location¬†
  • Depiction of how the area where the theft occurred was accessed
  • Police reference number obtained after reporting the theft to the local authorities
Once the relevant documentation is provided, the claims team will review your claim and contact you. Key points to take note of:
  • Additional information might be requested
Based on the initial assessment of the photos provided, you can expect one of the following actions to be taken by our claims team:
  • Provide a claims settlement based on the photo assessment (this applies to certain cases only and depends on each individual claim)
  • Request that you take your bicycle to a bicycle shop for a physical assessment
  • Have the bicycle collected via courier from your location for transportation to an assessor
  • One of our representatives will collect your bicycle to have it assessed
Repair or Replacement
Depending on the outcome of the assessment, your bicycle and/or bicycle parts will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. If you have damage to a carbon frame or component, we may appoint a carbon assessor who will determine whether or not the damage is repairable. We will act based on their advice.

If we determine that your claim is a total loss, you will either be supplied with a new bicycle or offered a cash settlement.

The settlement will be based on the lowest of:
  • Our replacement cost for bicycle and or items
  • The depreciated value of bicycle and or items (if older than 2-years)
  • Our cost to repair
  • Its market value
  • Your sum insured

Less any applicable excess and outstanding premium if a total loss

Dos and Dont's
Do Don't
Inform us immediately of any impending prosecution, inquest or fatal inquiry or civil proceedings Admit responsibility, offer, promise, pay or agree to pay any claim or negotiate with any other persons following an incident
Provide all information as quickly as possible Misstate, omit or conceal a material fact
Take reasonable steps to prevent or minimise further loss or damage Incur costs that have not been specifically agreed by us
Provide an honest account of the events Act in a fraudulent manner